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tissot - Wholesale Tissot Watches B2B

Wholesale Tissot Watches B2B • Tissot Wholesale Distributor

At Anytime Distribution we offer the original Tissot watches for men and women. As we offer a wide range of luxury watches  from the UK, EU, USA, Asia and the Middle East we can offer the B2B market the best deals.

Wholesale Tissot Watches B2B deals

Orders for EUR/USD 2 000 - 20% discount
Orders for EUR/USD 4 000 - 25% discount
Orders for EUR/USD 8 500 - 30% discount
Orders for EUR/USD 20 000 + Please contact our customer service

About Tissot
Tissot, the innovative watch brand that rose in the mid-19th century has its presence felt across 160 countries, which is unparallel to any other Swiss watch company. Since its beginning in 1853, the Tissot company is headquartered in its hometown Le Locle in the Swiss Jura Mountains thus sticking its Swiss identity at its very core. Tissot watches are available in several technical variations, including various models with both automatic as well as with quartz movement, and also with solar cells as the power source. Today the Tissot collection is categorized into the several product ranges such as sports watches, smart watches, dress watches etc.. Within the huge Tissot collection, Tissot Visodate is regarded as one of the bestselling Tissot automatic watches.

Shop our latest men’s and women’s luxury watches of Tissot and find the mechanical, traditional or smart watches that suit your style. To view our Tissot Wholesale watches please create your personal account and browse all our Fossil watches. You can contact us any time for more information about our Wholesale Tissot watches.


tissot - Wholesale Tissot Watches B2B

Luxury in each detail

From our delivery systems till our packaging we are a trustworthy partner. We deliver fast and safe (see here our options). 
Every luxury item is packed carefully.

Every watch comes with: 
• The original package 
• Authentic tags 
• Instructions 
• Warranty booklets 

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 10 items. That is why also smaller online stores can buy our designer watches 
for competitive wholesale prices and quantities.