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Wholesale Burberry Watches B2B deals

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Wholesale Burberry B2B • Armani Wholesale Distributor

At Anytime Distribution we offer the original Burberry watches for men and women. As we offer a wide range of luxury watches from the UK, EU, USA, Asia and the Middle East we can offer the B2B market the best deals.

About Burberry

Burberry has a very rich history. The organization was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The first store was opened in Basingstoke Hampshire in England. In 1870 Burberry was already a present that it was a cupboard. In 1880 Burberry introduced a new fabric: Gabardine. A durable fabric that is underwater and yet also dies water. Made this first water-repellent. Burberry applied for a patent for this uniquely manufactured fabric in 1888. The organization was initially placed under the name Burberry. This name was later transformed into Burberrys.

This was a result of the fact that many customers and people mentioned the organization as Burrberys are from London. This name is still visible on some Burberry products. Burberry’s headquarters are located in Haymarket in London. At exactly the same location as where a store was opened in London in 1891. Burberry has been a private company for a long time. In 1955 the global was sought after by Great Universal Stores (GUS) and the shares were sold to London. Since 2005, GUS sold the latest possessions, trading under its own name.

Burberry is known for its trench coats and perfume has a watch collection that is very popular. Burberry watch styles come in many different materials. Multiple leather straps is the newest trend. This way you can easily combine your luxury item with your own clothing style. Our Burberry Wholesale B2B collection is filled with 240 watch models. To see our Burberry wholesale watches please create your personal account and browse all our Burberry watches.

Luxury in each detail

From our delivery systems till our packaging we are a trustworthy partner. We deliver fast and safe
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Every luxury item is packed carefully.

Every watch comes with: 
• The original package 
• Authentic tags 
• Instructions 
• Warranty booklets 
• The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 10 items.

That is why also smaller online stores can buy our designer watches for competitive wholesale prices and quantities. For more information about our Burberry Wholesale watches you can contact us any time.